Cavendish School of English Bournemouth — language school in the UK

  • British Council
  • English UK
  • 63 Cavendish Road, Bournemouth, UK
  • Language centre
  • age from 8 to 90


Summer English School (Premium Homestay)
from 954,73 EUR per week
Age from 9 to 90 years
Jun 25, 2025   Sep 9, 2025
Intensive Summer English School (Homestay)
from 970,29 EUR per week
Age from 9 to 90 years
Jun 25, 2025   Sep 9, 2025
Summer English School (Premium Residence)
from 954,73 EUR per week
Age from 9 to 90 years
Jun 25, 2025   Aug 26, 2025
Intensive Summer English School (Residence)
from 970,29 EUR per week
Age from 9 to 90 years
Jun 25, 2025   Aug 26, 2025
Spring English School
from 791,28 EUR per week
Age from 8 to 17 years
Mar 24, 2025   Apr 6, 2025
Intensive Summer English School (Homestay) for 16-18
from 958,62 EUR per week
Age from 16 to 18 years
Jun 25, 2025   Aug 17, 2025

Program description and what is included

The English course is 15 hours a week. The school has 30 classrooms, an IT room and a conservatory. On arrival, students take a language test and are allocated to language groups with a maximum of 15 students per class. Classes take place in the mornings and afternoons as well as outside in the garden when the weather is clear. Teachers provide a friendly and dynamic environment and use many games to develop practical skills and help children learn to communicate. The main aim of the lessons is to develop communication skills, increase vocabulary and improve reading and speaking comprehension. All levels are available.

  • 15 hours English course per week
  • Course materials
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Double occupancy in host family
  • Leisure and excursion programme 
  • Three meals per day
  • Bank charges
  • Travel Class travel services
  • Visa processing including translation of documents
  • Health insurance
  • Airport pick up and drop off (for groups)

Not included:

  • Pocket expenses


Cavendish School of English is located in the south of England in Bournemouth. It is a popular English resort with warm weather and access to the English Channel. The school occupies a three-storey Victorian building in a residential area surrounded by gardens, palm trees and terraces. The town centre is a five-minute walk away.

Lessons take place in the morning and afternoon. After classes a hot lunch is served in the dining hall. The centre has a golf course, football fields and bicycle paths. The school grounds are decorated with symbols of English culture including a telephone box and a red double-decker bus. A number of excursions to different cities throughout the country are available including London Royal Gardens, Portland, Portsmouth, Salisbury, Milton Abbey Church Village, Winchester and the famous Stonehenge. There are evening activities on the grounds, including games, parties, a cinema and a barbecue every day.

You can either stay with a host family or at a local university residence. Host families are located between 15-45 minutes ride away from school. Rooms are double with a maximum of four children in the house. In the premium option for those who live with families private transport is provided. On the standard option children will be given travel cards. The residence is a 7-8 minute walk and rooms are single. Meals are served three times a day and children have a packed lunch at the weekend.

Why choose this school

  • Fantastic nationality mix
  • Qualify teacher with plenty of experience
  • Wide range of English courses
  • 12-14 students max per class

School infrastructure

  • 30 classrooms – most equipped with interactive whiteboards
  • IT room exclusively for adult students with free access to intern
  • Free Wi-Fi for the entire campus
  • Latest in-house multimedia facilities
  • Events venue for cinema/nightclub/disco/karaoke/party nights
  • Large, modern and beautiful conservatory
  • Canteen with breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Vending machines are available with ready-made meals, snacks and drinks
  • Little London! This little taste of London is based in our gardens for all our students to enjoy. Cavendish students can find famous icons from London and the United Kingdom including the red phone box which is part of Britain’s national heritage and a red London bus which has been converted into a café downstairs and has video screens and music equipment upstairs

Sport infrastructure

  • Football pitches
  • Golf
  • Table tennis
  • Bicycle tours

Hobbies and clubs

  • Party nights
  • Beach visit
  • Bowling 
  • Games

Recommended arrival cities

  • London

Nearest airports

  • London Gatwick Airport - 120 minutes
  • London Heathrow Airport - 120 minutes


63 Cavendish Road, Bournemouth, UK

Sample program

  • 1 day

    Morning. Arrival day

  • 2 day

    Morning. Lessons
    Day. Free time
    Evening. Disco

  • 3 day

    Morning. Excursion to Bournemouth
    Day. Lessons
    Evening. Bowling

  • 4 day

    Morning. Free time
    Day. Lessons
    Evening. Karaoke disco

  • 5 day

    Morning. Full day in London
    Day. Full day in London
    Evening. Full day in London

  • 6 day

    Morning. Activity
    Day. Lessons
    Evening. Cinema

  • 7 day

    Morning. Optional Excursion
    Day. Optional Excursion
    Evening. Optional Excursion

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