ACCORD Paris — language school in France

  • 3bis Rue Jean-Pierre Bloch, Paris, France
  • Language centre
  • age from 16 to 75
Sep 5, 2021   Dec 10, 2022

What else included

The French course is 15 hours per week. Classes take place from 9.00 to 12.00. On the first day, students take an oral and written language test and are divided into groups of up to 15 students (11 on average). The teaching is based on a learning-by-doing method. The teachers, who are all qualified, have a wide range of games and authentic materials in the form of songs, TV shows and films, to improve vocabulary acquisition, grammar comprehension and oral practice. The course focuses on the development of communication skills. At the end of the programme the children will receive a certificate. You may also take an exam and receive a diploma from the Academy of Paris if you wish. All levels are available.

  • 15-hour weekly French course
  • Learning materials
  • Certificate at the end of course
  • Accommodation in host families
  • Leisure and sightseeing activities 
  • Two meals per day 
  • Bank charges
  • Travel Class travel services
  • Visa processing including translation of documents

Not included:

  • Out of pocket expenses


ACCORD is a leading French school in Paris. The centre is conveniently located near the Eiffel Tower, the Champ de Mars, the Trocadero Gardens and the Aquarium. Classes occupy 2 floors of a modern Parisian building. Airconditioning in all ACCORD premises.

In free time you can enjoy a tour of Paris and a boat cruise on the Seine. Children will explore the Champs-Elysées, the Latin Quarter, the Tuileries Palace and the Louvre. You can also choose a course with extra lessons in French culture.

Students are accommodated in single rooms in host families. It takes 15-30 minutes to get to the school by public transportation. Students also spend their evenings with their families. Meals are provided three times a day.

Why choose this school

  • No hidden fees! Course Fees include level testing, teaching materials and end of course certificate
  • Great nationality mix in this French language course: no nationality over 12%
  • Starting dates for all levels, except complete beginners: any Monday!
  • At the end of your stay you also can take an exam to get the official “Diplôme de langue et culture françaises” recognised by the Académie de Paris

School infrastructure

  • 12 classrooms
  • An exam centre
  • Air conditioning in all the school
  • School accredited ERP

Hobbies and clubs

  • Excursions
  • Activities

Recommended arrival cities

  • Paris


3bis Rue Jean-Pierre Bloch, Paris, France

Sample program

  • 1 day

    Morning. French course (Monday morning)
    Day. Louvre museum
    Evening. in the host family

  • 2 day

    Morning. French course (Tuesday)
    Day. Montmartre
    Evening. in the host family

  • 3 day

    Morning. French course
    Day. The Champs Elysées, the Concorde place and the Tuileries gardens
    Evening. in the host family

  • 4 day

    Morning. French course
    Day. Boat cruise on the Seine river
    Evening. in the host family

  • 5 day

    Morning. French course (Friday)
    Day. The Ile de la Cité, the Latin quarter and the Luxembourg gardens
    Evening. in the host family

  • 6 day


  • 7 day