MLA London Digby Stuart College

  • British Council
  • English UK
  • London SW15 5PU, UK
  • Кампус
  • от 11 to 18


Digby Stuart College is part of Roehampton University, one of the top English universities known for its excellent academic facilities. Digby Stuart has a long and distinctive history. Founded in 1874 as a teachers’ training college, it is among the oldest higher education institutions in England, and one of the very first to provide education for women.

Почему стоит ехать в эту школу

  • Campus is surrounded by park with 2 ponds
  • Richmond park 15 min walk away
  • London city centre is just 20 minutes away by tube

Инфраструктура школы

  • Standard and ensuite accommodation
  • Coffee shops and supermarket
  • ATM and postoffice
  • Library

Спортивная инфраструктура

  • Full size foolbal pitch
  • Tennis grounds
  • Basketball and volleyball

Хобби и клубы

  • Indoor and outdoor sport facilities
  • Cinema
  • Chit Chat Club: speak and practice the language with our MLA Team

Рекомендованные города прилета

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