• Сочи, Краснодарский край, Россия
  • Языковой центр
  • от 4 to 99




YCODE is located in the heart of Sochi, a few steps away from the central Circus and a famous hotel "Svetlana" . The school's excellent location and its wide variety of courses make it an ideal location to study Russian: students can choose from general Russian courses, examination courses, or Russian for specific purposes, and can decide between just a few lessons per week to twenty lessons per week. YCODE has facilities that include a student lounge, with free internet access, a rooftop terrace for outdoor lessons and extra curricular workshops and a self-study space in the classroom. The school offers a monthly social and leisure calendar to invite students to practice their language skills while visiting popular points of interest in and around the city.

Почему стоит ехать в эту школу

  • Открытый подход
  • Терраса на крыше
  • Мини-группы
  • Гибкое расписание

Инфраструктура школы

  • Аудитории
  • Студенческая гостиная
  • Площадка для самостоятельных занятий
  • Терраса

Спортивная инфраструктура

  • Фитнес-клуб
  • Гимнастический зал

Хобби и клубы

  • Межнациональные вечера
  • Командный спорт

Рекомендованные города прилета

  • Sochi

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