For teacher: how to book a tour

1. Registration 


If this is your first time on the platform - register. Login if you already have a personal account.


2. Choose a program. Rank your search by country, dates, accommodation options


3. Include dates and estimated size of your group. You can see the price immediately. You can switch to your preferred currency.


4.To add, mark the transfer, insurance


5. The platform will offer air tickets that are in the system. Or we will agree with you and add the flight later.


By clicking book, information about the group is immediately sent to the booking center, and a tour page (landing page) is created for you. This is a complete website for your trip. You give the link to the page to the parents for registration and booking.

In the first two weeks, at least one prepayment must pass in order for you to keep your reservation with a fixed price. The price is fixed in the currency of the country of travel.

If there is no prepayment, the reservation will be automatically canceled after 14 days.