Tour: what should be included

When choosing a school trip, be sure to look at what is included in the price and what is not. Below we describe for you the standard minimum set of services that you should have when booking. All these services you can include when booking a tour on


1. Programme

Usually it includes a language course, accommodation, meals, excursions, day and evening programs. On our platform, we clearly prescribe everything point by point.


2. Transfer to/from the airport 

Usually it is a bus that meets your group and takes you to your place of residence. If you already know the city well, you can save money and go by public transport. Assess if the children themselves can carry their luggage.


3. Round-trip flight

By default, most airlines now do not include baggage. If you take the ticket yourself, make sure that you have the fare with your luggage.

Travel Class always takes tickets with 20 kg baggage unless otherwise agreed with the group leader.

More and more airlines are abandoning free meals on board. If this is a matter of principle for your group, talk it over with your manager so that you are offered only flights with meals (which is logical - they are always more expensive).

For groups, we always order a group fare from the airlines. It needs 10 passengers. Convenience of a group fare - that the price is fixed on a prepayment basis, and tickets can be issued 3-4 weeks before departure. Inconvenience - if you have less than 10 passengers, you still have to pay at least 10.

If you are planning a group of less than 10 at once, we will offer individual tickets. They will need to be paid and written out immediately.


4. Visa fee and paperwork

Travel Class issues a visa for all students and group leaders. Parents can apply for a visa with us for an additional fee. Check with your group manager.


5. Excursions 

Check how many excursions are included in the program and which ones you would like to order additionally. Tours can be selected at the time of booking or re-ordered later. We recommend that you plan the entire trip right away so that you don't have any free days.


6. Medical insurance 

It covers seeking medical attention in case of illness. Be sure to include in the tour even if either parent has family insurance. In an emergency it will be very difficult to find it, and a single group insurance will help you quickly get medical help.

Insurance is very helpful in serious cases. For example, appendicitis. The operation costs an average of 7-12 thousand dollars, and insurance covers these costs.